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Welfare-Economy.com - scientifically popular web-site about global trends in the economy

Welcome to our blog about the reasons for economic success. Why do some countries, cities and companies become successful, while others are in poverty? Why do corporations dominate in some markets, and small businesses successfully operate in others? Why do some businesses shoot and others die? Why do people make irrational decisions? The blog focuses on the economy and how it affects people's living standards: causes of economic growth and stagnation, global trends in the economy.

If you look at prosperous countries, then only at first glance it seems that they are similar to each other. Success was achieved both by almost socialist Sweden and the USA with their classical capitalism. People live well as in billion-populated of China as in small European countries. Amid the poverty of Southeast Asia, the economic miracle of Singapore and several other Asian tigers erupted. Conversely, the poor countries of Africa, freed from the greedy colonialists, remained poor. Moreover, the same countries in different historical periods now flourished, then again plunged into the poverty.

I was always interested to understand why this happens. The most interesting thing is that no one could just take and copy someone else's success model - the conditions are different. In this blog we try to collect and lay out the most interesting cases of economic successes and failures - countries, industries, companies, into atoms. But do not expect the boring science of the texts. On the one hand, we try to avoid platitudes, but at the same time remain an entertaining portal that you will be interested to read - regardless of the availability of specialized education.

Did we succeed? Evaluate only to you!

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