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Interest, % per annum
Replenishment, per month
Replenishment growth, % per annum
Interest capitalization
Period, months
About calculator:
  • The calculator answers the question of how much you will accumulate in a given number of months, having an initial amount of X and monthly replenishing the deposit in the amount of Y.
  • If you do not plan to replenish the deposit, then set 0 in the appropriate field. If you do not know the exact amount of the replenish, set approximately.
  • The calculator contains the premise of the annual increase in the amount of replenishment at a given rate (proportional to the expected rate of growth of your income), if desired, you can specify 0 in this field.
  • The calculator is suitable for calculating not only within one long deposit, but also for a series of consecutive short-term deposits.
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